I am Assistant Professor at ETH Zurich leading the Vision for Robotics Lab (V4RL) . I am also the Vice Director of the Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems (IRIS) of ETH Zurich and an Honorary Fellow of the University of Edinburgh in the UK. Previously, I held the prestigious Chancellor's Fellowship of the University of Edinburgh at the School of Informatics, while currently I hold the highly competitive Swiss National Science Foundation Professorship. I hold Bachelor and Master degrees in Information and Computing Engineering from the University of Cambridge (Trinity College), and a PhD (thesis entitled Applying Information Theory to Efficient SLAM) from Imperial College London, UK.

My research interest is in Computer Vision for Robotics, focusing on real-time perception for small aircraft, as some of the most challenging platforms for robotic perception. Some highlights of my career include the participation in the first vision-based autonomous flight of a small helicopter, a mention in Robohub's 2016 list of 25 women in Robotics you need to know about and the award of the biannual Zonta Prize in 2017 on the basis of my high impact contributions on the development of robotic vision. Moreover, our work at V4RL was featured in Reuters, while I was a speaker at the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2017 as part of ETH Zurich's 3-strong delegation of professors.

Throughout the years, I have had the pleasure of working with some brilliant students and researchers in Robotics and Vision. Most details about my current research can be found in the V4RL webpage and the V4RL YouTube Channel. Moreover, I have been participating in various national (swiss) and international robotics projects with my team, some of which are:

NCCR Robotics, researching technologies as part of the Swiss National Center of Competence in Robotics Research towards intelligent robots to improve our quality of life,

AEROWORKS, investigating the technologies to enable collaboration of multiple small aircraft equipped with manipulators for the purpose of industrial inspection,

SHERPA, aiming at developing a robotic team to aid alpine search and rescue,

myCopter, researching the technologies necessary for automating personal aerial transportation,

sFly, building a small swarm of micro helicopters equipped with cameras to autonomously map a disaster area (article in IEEE Spectrum).

I am teaching part of the Autonomous Mobile Robotics Masters course, while I am also supervising Masters and Bachelors projects.

More details about my work here.


For the most up-to-date news please consult the V4RL's news page, as it gets updated more frequently than this site since August 2016.

August 2016 - We now have a V4RL YouTube Channel, where you can check our latest videos.

November 2015 - The Vision for Robotics Lab website goes live. From now on, the lab's page will be more up-to-date with our latest activities in research and teaching.

June 2015 - I have been appointed SNF Assitant Professor in Vision for Robotics at ETH Zurich and together with my whole team, we have relocated to Zurich!

January 2015 - Our work on place recognition with Elena Stumm during her visit at the lab has been accepted for publication at ICRA 2015. Check out our paper here.

December 2014 - Two PhD studentships are available immediately as part of the AEROWORKS EU project.

November 2014 - Lucas Teixeira is now a PhD student at the Vision for Robotics Lab, working on visual perception for small aircraft.

November 2014 - Dragos Stanciu has joined my group as a PhD student to investigate the applicability of DVS sensing in robot navigation.

July 2014 - Shuji Oishi from Kyushu University, Japan is visiting my group to work on scene reconstruction.

May 2014 - Check out the new openining for a PhD student at the Vision for Robotics Lab.

May 2014 - Andreas Jäger from ETH Zurich is visiting my group to work on 3D reconstruction.

April 2014 - Elena Stumm from LAAS-CNRS is visiting my group to work on Place recognition.

February 2014 - Following great effort from all lecturers involved and the ETH Zurich production team, our Autonomous Mobile Robot course has been turned into a Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) running for the first time this year with over 14'000 participants! Feel free to try it out yourself here.